the Tahoe Rim Trail completed!

still decompressing from the “big trip” out to visit my buddy whit to hang a bit and then ride the TRT together.  as he said in his post, we’ve been planning this “vacation” for a very long time.  awesome we could finally pull it off!

it’s good to be home, but tough to be home.  i call it PVD (post vacation depression).  after miles upon miles of various wheels turning, always somewhere to be/go, moving forward, seeing and exploring, and then…snap, you’re back at work sitting stationary and staring at a computer all day instead of actively moving through the day.  quite the contrast and tough to accept.

but, we were so fortunate on this ride.  great weather, great company, amazing trail, not a single crash or major mechanical (not even a flat tire!), plenty of food and water.  we really hit the “window of opportunity” perfectly and i already miss being out there riding the magical trail that is the TRT.

i could go on and on, but mr. whit already put down an excellent recap of the days, miles and inspiring trail and terrain.  so…i’ll just leave you with a plethora of images from 4 nights and 5 days on road and trail.  it was a fantastic trip and i’m already looking forward to planning our next big adventure together!

oh, and as you can see, we both rode frames he made – Meriwether Cycles!  incredible bicycles and excellent bikepacking/touring machines!  give him a shout to place your order, you will not be disappointed!

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