sorry readers…

i just joined Instagram and the blog kinda got left behind.

not shutting it down or anything, it’s still a great outlet for bigger adventures, stories and photos, just not my concentration right now.

for the three people that DO tune in here, follow me here as well…


i really got behind

man, i really got behind on the blog here.  hmmmm…where to begin?  not a ton of riding as of late, been more focused on slower paced walks, hikes and photo outings, i guess.  ’tis the season, and it’s nice to take a break from big riding now and again to keep things interesting and the fire burning.

have been out on the Fargo a few times, though.  seems like the best bike for the current conditions.  full fenders, frame pack, put the Barlow Pass 38s on and i swear its nicest this bike has ever felt on the road.  boy, oh boy, i love those tires!

for Thanx, me and s went down to New Mexico for a few days.  the weather was chilling and snowing in CO and the promise of huge vistas, hikes, warmer temps and checking out new and interesting things in an area we love and have frequented before was enticing and much needed.  too much drama and screen time at our works, it was time for a break.

the trip was pretty much everything we were after and we had an amazing weather window the entire time down there.  it wasn’t super warm, but it was sunny enough and dry.  we checked out Ghost Ranch, hiked Chimney Rock there and the next day went to Plaza Blanca and had our minds blown by the serenity, beauty and sheer hugeness of the place.  we shared a huge apple on the top of the white rocks at the halfway point and then meandered back out through the towering “chess pieces” of rock formations, feeling like we were being watched and guarded over the entire time.  a VERY cool place, that alone was worth the drive.

then, of course, we spent some time in the Ojo Caliente hot springs.  i mean…we were RIGHT there and all!  HA!

here’s the photo recap to catch up on the lost days.  a lot of photos, i know, but…i just don’t work any other way – enjoy!


beatdown recharge!

after a week of way too much screen time,
i made a point to revitalize the mind
and flush the toxins
with mucho out of doors time
this weekend.

nature is healing!